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Shenzhen Motto Electronics Co., Ltd На стенде компании Shenzhen Motto Electronics Co., Ltd можно будет увидеть умные часы для детей M01 и S02.

Smart kids Watches

Please look at the brilliantly attracting Smart kids Watches in front of you. We’re sure that you are absolutely amused by its perfect appearance, such as the rotatable camera, colorful touch screen, the EU ROHS watchbands ect.

Of course it's not persuasive to just judge it from the outside. Let me show you the unique functions belonging to it. Firstly, it has the Google authorized GPS . Secondly, the smart watch supports 4G net. This can provide you with services such as intercom, SMS, sleeping monitor and so on . If you are wondering which one to choose, I think the MOTTO is an excellent choice.
12 Апреля, Mobile & Digital
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